Investor Relations

Investment Highlights

Capitalizing on the Multi-Residential, Execusuite and Commercial Real Estate Opportunities in Canada’s Secondary Markets

  • EQUITY SIZE: $430M
  • INVESTMENT VEHICLE: Three-year closed end fund, with 2 one-year extension options
  • TARGET LEVERAGE: Up to 70% gross book value or appraised value of properties
  • EXPECTED YIELD: 10.5% cash distribution per annum, paid monthly
  • MEANINGFUL ALIGNMENT WITH INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS: Starlight Investments, KingSett Capital, Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo) and Timbercreek Asset Management
  • THREE CLASSES OF UNITS: One class of listed units on the Toronto Stock Exchange (NHF.UN) to provide liquidity and two classes of unlisted units
  • Launch Date: November 2, 2020 
$430M Equity Size
~$1.7B Total Assets
3 YR Close End Fund
2 x 1 YR Extension Options
Listed on theToronto Stock Exchange
10.5% Targeted Annual Distribution